Primary Care Commissioning Committee

To enable the CCG to openly and transparently manage conflicts of interest that may arise as a result of the CCG’s co-commissioning responsibilities, the Primary Care Commissioning Committee was established.  It is separate from the Governing Body and has taken on the responsibility for managing primary care contracts. It is chaired by the Governing Body Lay Member for Primary Care Governance.

The PCCC meets in public and you can find future dates on the Events page.

Members of the public attending Primary Care Commissioning Committee meetings are welcome to ask questions at the beginning of the meeting. Please submit your questions at least three working days before the meeting to ensuring you include a contact name, telephone number or email address. However, members of the public are asked to note that Primary Care Commissioning meetings are meetings held in public. They are not ‘public meetings’ where members of the public can speak at any point.

The agendas identify when the Chair will receive questions and comments from the public. For all other agenda items speaking rights are reserved to Primary Care Commissioning Committee members and agreed representatives sitting at the table; members of the public should not speak or intervene in proceedings unless invited to do so.  In all matters the Chair’s decision is final.

You will be requested to complete a Conflict of Interest declaration prior to attending the meeting.

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