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We would like to invite you to a discussion on the future for health and care services, and to help us prioritise changes and improvements that need to be made to ensure our populations continue to have the best possible care.

Now that the NHS Long Term Plan has been published, now is the right time for us to talk with our communities about what the areas are that we need to focus on to ensure services remain sustainable and right for patients.

These discussions will build on what we have already heard through our Big Health and Care Conversation across the area, and help us think about how we use the available money for health and care in the best possible way: We can do anything, but not everything”.

Our discussions will be focused  on the FUTURE of health and care:

Facing up to our challenges
Understanding need
Transforming services
Unwarranted variation – ensuring this does not happen
Resources and how we use them most effectively
Equality of access and care for our diverse population

We want to hear the views, experience and ideas of patients, public, staff, volunteers and carers. We want the local plans to be co-produced with as many different people as possible to make sure they truly reflect the needs of our population.

There are lots of opportunities coming up to join our discussions in person listed on the Events page

You now have the opportunity to have your say online through our two surveys. Click on the links below to tell us your view by the end of April 2019:


To find out more, please email : csesca.engagement@nhs.net


The NHS Long Term Plan

The NHS Long Term Plan sets out the priorities and ambitions for the years ahead to make sure the NHS continues to provide high quality care across the country:

Patient representative for Sussex-wide audiology service

We are recommissioning the Audiology Hearing Assessment and Fit service which is provided in the community across Sussex. This service is available to those over the age of 55 years old for age-related hearing loss and we are looking for someone who is familiar with the service to join our planning as a patient representative.

The patient representative will be key in representing the views and needs of patients through the procurement process which will include contributing to service redesign, to change the way in which this service is provided. The CCG will undertake a number of patient forums and our representative will be responsible for ensuring that outputs of this work are included in commissioning and contracting decisions.

It is important that the representative contributes a patient story, to bring their experience of the service to the group and represent those across Sussex with age-related hearing loss.

Click here for more information about the role and how to submit your interest. Please respond by 29th March.