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Get involved

We recognise that the people we serve are diverse, with a range of needs and from a range of backgrounds and we want to reflect this in our engagement approach. We offer translation and interpretation services, as required, at our main events alongside our commitment to supporting people to engage and providing information in alternative formats.

If you need information or documents from these pages in another language or in a different format please email

Get Involved in the CCG’s work

We want NHS services to meet the needs of our patients and other local people, it's part of our vision for how we commission services. We want to encourage local patients and their carers to be involved in how services are shaped and improved, and to work alongside us to make changes happen

Act now

You can get involved in a number of ways:

Why we need you

We need to work with you to make sure we commission the best services for you.   Information from patients about how we can plan and commission services that are easy to get to and helpful to use goes into our plans for new services, and for changing existing services to make them better.  This is such a key part of our work that it's also a legal requirement for us to engage with patients, carers, and members of the public.

How we engage with patients, carers and the public

Patient Participation Groups help us to engage.  PPGs contribute ideas, feedback and suggestions directly to their practices, and members can also be involved in wider work throughout the city.

We also run specific surveys and events to help us gather information and feedback on individual services, and to ask what patients want from new services, or how existing services can improve.

We also collect Equality and Diversity information about the people we connect with, to ensure we are hearing from everyone and treating people equitably.  Download Equality Monitoring Form.docx

Governing Body Meetings

Everyone is welcome to attend our Governing Body meetings in public to hear about the CCG’s work.  For dates of future meetings and forthcoming papers, please see our Events page

You can also submit questions to the Governing Body.  Please follow the link for information on how to submit a question.

For past Governing Body papers, please see the Governing Body page.

Patient and Public Participation Reports

We report regularly to our Governing Body on the work we have done with patients, carers and the public. 

We also report directly to our Patient Participation Groups on Engagement work we have done

More information

You can find out more about how we communicate and engage with patients, carers and the public from our Patient and Public Involvement Interim Strategy.

We are currently working with our partners, CVS and patients to co-create an improved Patient and Public Involvement Interim strategy based on agreed principles and activities. We held one event in December 2019 which was well attended and provided valuable insight and we have produced a 'Reaching Sussex Communities' summary report. Our next event is due to take place on 4th February 2020.