Health Podcasts

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Free NHS Central Sussex and East Surrey Commissioning Alliance podcasts, presented by Dr Laura Hill, local GP and Clinical Chair of NHS Crawley Clinical Commissioning Group

Each podcast explores ways for you to get the right care, in the right place at the right time, with Dr Hill and her guest also looking at ways in which you, your family and friends can keep on top of your health and wellbeing in 2018.

The Big Conversation

The ‘Big Conversation’ podcast sees Dr Laura Hill, Clinical Chair of NHS Crawley CCG and Dr David Supple, Clinical Chair of NHS Brighton and Hove CCG, discuss the financial challenges faced by local health and care services.  They also take a look at the Big Health and Care Conversation events taking place over the summer and how members of the public can get involved to help shape the future of our NHS.

Help Us Help You 

Crawley CCG Clinical Chair, Dr Laura Hill, talks to the front-line NHS staff that look after us on a daily basis in our local hospitals and community services. Claire Poustie, who works in the Crawley Urgent Treatment Centre and paramedic Mark Buckton join Dr Hill to discuss ways in which we can all be proactive this winter. The lively conversation is filled with examples of where injuries or illness could have been avoided, alongside instances of where people could have found more effective help, faster, had they known the right service to use. They also provide an insight into the challenges faced by NHS services and front-line staff over winter and the Help Us Help You campaign that looks to help people understand the actions they can take to help the NHS help them.

Fighting Flu

Our Fighting Flu podcast looks to arm you, your friends and family in the fight against flu this season. It has everything you need to know about flu prevention, who’s eligible for that all important free flu vaccine and why pregnant women in particular need to understand the risks associated with flu and ensure they get vaccinated.

Better Care as a Community

In this month’s podcast Crawley CCG Clinical Chair, Dr Laura Hill, takes a look at how ‘Better Care’ is working with local practices to provide coordinated proactive care in the community for patients with complicated conditions.

Happy Healthy

In our ‘Happy Healthy’ podcast Dr Laura Hill explores ways in which you can look after your mental health by exercising both body and brain. 

As well as looking into the variety of resources that can be found online, the free podcast also explores the world of Mindfulness - looking into how you can sort through thoughts and feelings in order to enjoy a happier and healthier life.

Sickness Sorted

Listen to local GPs discuss how you can care for yourself and your children using medicines bought over the counter at a pharmacy and advice sheets available online.

Access All Areas

In this month’s free podcast, local GPs Dr Laura Hill and Dr Minesh Patel, discuss how work has begun to improve access to primary care services. They look at the introduction of ‘hubs’ that can now provide more appointments for local residents to see a GP during the evenings and at weekends. They also provide an insight into the Central Sussex and East Surrey Commissioning Alliance, and how CCGs are coming together as part of the Alliance to work more effectively for the communities in which they serve.