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2016-17 will also see the next stage of our new approach to community services. This will involve community teams working more closely with other health, care, education and charity professionals to provide the right personalised care for each person. 

The aim will be to address all aspects of an individual’s care, whether that is their physical, mental, psychological, social and environmental needs. Teams will include GPs, public health, acute hospital colleagues, mental health professionals and social care workers. There will be four Communities of Practice teams in the area serving Crowborough, the Havens, Lewes and Uckfield. 

The Communities of Practice will deliver the following aims:

  •  Reduce duplication and improve response times
  • Improve communications and reduce delays when a patient’s care changes from one team or organisation to another
  • Joint working and shared learning between different health professionals
  • Cutting emergency admissions and, when people do go to hospital, making sure that suitable care is available so that they can go home as quickly as possible
  • Address the fragmentation of primary care and community services
  • Care plans are jointly developed and shared with all key partners.
  • Ensure that care is holistic and that all the different parts of the health and care system are working towards the same goal.

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